Growth & Goals Module

Growth and Goals Module

Necessary skills

University students have to learn in many different formats (e.g., lecture, online, blended, flipped, labs) and manage many different course and life expectations (e.g., part-time jobs, clubs, sports, volunteer work, family).  To be successful, students need to know and continually monitor their learning plus develop autonomy and professional capacity skills; these are two Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (UDLEs 5 and 6) and are components of SRL.  Currently, few programs, courses, and online resources address SRL skills or explicitly help students take control of their learning.

We created this Growth & Goals Module to help learners take greater control of their learning. The module is designed to be integrated in a course, helping students develop skills succeed in that course and beyond.

Demonstration of the module in organic chemistry

Growth & Goals Module: demonstration version (EN). Take a look at how this demonstration version of the Growth & Goals module can be used in an Organic Chemistry Course. The module is fully adaptable to and integrated courses in any discipline and at any level.

Project evaluation

We are conducting a project evaluation to understand how the module is used by educators and students and to examine the impacts for learners and educators. If you are using the module in a course, we would really appreciate if you could take part in the evaluation.

Ethics approval has been secured through uOttawa's Office of Research Ethics and Integrity. The time commitment is small!

You can sign up for email updates and/or participate in the project's evaluation here:

Growth & goals module

Ready to use the module in your course? You will find the adaptable documents below--remember to start with the instructions. In the past, educators reported needing 2–5 hours to prepare the module for use in their course. #GrowthGoals

We can also help you integrate the module in your course. Click on this link to give us the information we need to get started.

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Customization Tutorials

These four short videos will walk you through the process of downloading, customizing, and distributing Growth & Goals. They will also show you how to track student completion of the module.

Learn about the structure of the module and how to obtain your own copy.

Learn how to modify the documents to suit your course.

Learn how to modify the activities to suit your course.

Learn how to collect student responses and how to prepare the module for distribution to your students.

Supporting documents 

Français :

Transcription : Planification de votre session

Transcription : État d'esprit

Transcription : Objectifs SMART


Transcript: Schedule Your Semester

Transcript: Mindsets

Transcript: SMART Goals