please explore, use, and adapt!

In this area we’ve shared course resources and activities that stem from our research. Please feel free to send suggestions and requests!

All our resources are Open Education Resources (CC-BY-NC-SA), which mean they are free to use and adapt, but may not be commercialized. If you are sharing them, please give attribution back to our group and share forward in the same way. More about Creative Commons licensing.

CC = Creative Commons

BY = Give attribution to the creators of the work

NC = The work may not be used for commercial purposes

SA = Derivative works may be shared under the same license

Why Open Education Resources?

Students pay large sums to attend university and college, including tuition, housing, and ancillary fees like textbooks. Using OERs in courses are a straightforward way of decreasing costs to students.

We also had public funding to create these products and believe they should therefore be publicly available and free of charge. We know contexts vary between institutions, and even between professors, so most of our resources can be adapted to those contexts.

There’s much more information about OERs at eCampusOntario, plus a full library!

Why Creative Commons licensing?

Creative Commons licensing (CC-BY-NC-SA) allows others to use our work and adapt it so it’s more useful in other contexts. Plus, why re-invent the wheel?