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OrgChem101 is a website that was created to help students learn key skills and concepts in organic chemistry. OrgChem101 is free for anyone to use, and includes three modules: Organic Nomenclature, Organic Mechanisms, and Acid-Base Reactions.



The Organic Nomenclature module is a FREE, bilingual, online, interactive learning tool designed to help students learn organic chemistry nomenclature. With this learning tool, students can draw organic molecules, name organic molecules, and identify key functional groups. There are hints to guide students along the way. Best of all, we describe the relevance of these molecules in our everyday lives! Here’s an article about the project written by Tyler Irving for the Canadian Chemical News (January 2012 issue): ACCN article.pdf and a more recent one: Organic chemistry students get online support for knowledge gap. ACCN, July/Aug 2014 issue, page 42.

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The purpose of the Organic Reaction Mechanisms module is to provide students with an online interactive resource in learning the language of organic chemistry (i.e., the curved arrow formalism).


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The acid–base module was designed based on our previous work in learning outcomes for acid–base chemistry and students’ challenges and learning opportunities.

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This project was realized through a collaboration with the Centre for eLearning—part of uOttawa’s Teaching and Learning Support Service—and senior undergraduate student Melissa Daviau-Duguay. Our posters from the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education conference (Chem_Poster_CNIE FINAL.pdf) and the International Conference in Chemical Education (Nomenclature101_Poster_ICCE.pdf) explain more. team: Gisèle Richard, Richard Pinet, Alison Flynn, Melissa Daviau-Duguay, Caroline Marcoux, Jeanette Caron, Jamey Laroche