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Science Education and DBER Journal Club

Kelli Galloway recently started an academic journal club at the University of Ottawa for the summer of 2016. The club meetings are comprised of lively discussions on recent and past publishings in the topics of science education and DBER.

Below are the articles discussed during these club meetings.

July 28- Final meeting

Implementing an Active Learning Environment To Influence Students'Motivation in Biochemistry 

July 21

Assessing the role of curriculum coherence in student learning about energy

July 14

Effect of Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) on Student Achievement, Attitude, and Self-Concept in College General Chemistry in Randomized and Quasi Experimental Designs 

July 7

Designing performance-based measures to assess the scientific thinking skills of chemistry undergraduate researchers

June 30

Explorations in statistics: statistical facets of reproducibility

In addition, here are links to two articles (of the many) online articles discussing the last of replication in research:

June 23

To what degree does handling concrete molecular models promote the ability to translate and coordinate between 2D and 3D molecular structure representations? A case study with Algerian students

Here is a copy of the article that this study was trying to replicate.

June 16

Modeling meaningful learning in chemistry using structural equation modeling

June 9

Answer first: Applying the heuristic-analytic theory of reasoning to examine student intuitive thinking in the context of physics

June 2

The role of symbols in mathematical communication: the case of the limit notation

May 26

Features of Knowledge Building in Biology: Understanding Undergraduate Students' Ideas about Molecular Mechanisms.

May 19

Talking through the problems: a study of discourse in peer-led small groups

May 5

The development of a tool for measuring graduate students’ topic specific pedagogical content knowledge of thin layer chromatography